Assistance agents and prosecutors

DCF Sport Legal deals with the support of sports agents and prosecutors.

DCF Sport Legal deals with the support of sports agents and prosecutors.

In the current sports world, the figure of the sports agent plays an increasingly important role in dealing with sports companies, athletes and foreign federations, requiring knowledge and expertise in various areas (contractual, taxation …) that often It does not belong precisely because it is multidisciplinary.

Our structure supports the sportsman in his professional career by providing him with full-scale care throughout the professional phase, providing the necessary legal, economic and fiscal support so that every bargaining takes place in complete safety and without any “surprises” unexpected May come to a later date such as tax assessments and unpaid toll payments.

Our team of professionals is also constantly updated on all legislative innovations that affect the agents and sports attorneys of all sports disciplines. In fact, it often happens that the various federations introduce legislative amendments that must necessarily be known for not being penalized. Professionalism and speed, even in this case, make the difference and guarantee the customer to be able to carry out their professional activity without any concerns due to possible legislative innovations.

Our facility also attends foreign agents and prosecutors who arrive in Italy to occasionally or professionally practice their profession. In this franchise, thanks to a proven internal organization system, DCF Sport Legal assists the customer through all the steps necessary to be able to practice in Italy. The bureaucratic and legal part is a prerequisite for our customers to get the professional results they deserve.

Through DCF Sport Legal, DCF Sport Legal has also recently developed business to business to connect its customers to give them the opportunity to interact and eventually create new business opportunities.

Our facility provides full counseling that enables the agent to implement their business opportunities and to take care of all the necessary precautions before undertaking any negotiation, for which DCF Sport Legal assures maximum confidentiality.

DCF Sport Legal is therefore a preventive activity in relation to national and international athletic transfer operations, providing consulting for the conclusion and termination of contracts of all kinds in the sports field (work, marketing, sponsorship, image rights …). The advice covers both agreements between agent and sports company, both between agent and athlete, and between athlete and sports association.

In addition, our facility provides full legal protection to the agent and / or prosecutor before the national and international law courts and courts of justice, for any matter of a patrimonial or disciplinary nature. DCF Sport Legal is therefore a benchmark for both the attorney who wishes to start his career as well as to the sports agents already started. For all professional figures, our structure guarantees the highest level of expertise and specialization.



DCF Sport Legal has been consulting for several years for Federations and Sports Leagues.


DCF Sport Legal also cares for the training and support of sports executives, providing professional courses for any high-level discipline.


DCF Sport Legal provides counseling for coaches and athletes of any sports discipline.