DCF Sport Legal also cares for the training and support of sports executives, providing professional courses for any high-level discipline.

DCF Sport Legal is involved in providing care and training of high-level sports executives in any sports discipline, providing them with ad hoc professional courses.
The manager is a professional figure who carries on herself all the main issues of a sports company. Contrary to the past, the sports manager deals with all the organizational, management and economic aspects of the sports company, and having competent and capable managers means very often understanding the difficulties and opportunities ahead of their competitors, anticipating them and seizing the best opportunities.
To date, the sports manager is a real manager who must have the ability to synthesize organizational, marketing and communication skills, in addition to the design, planning and management of a sports facility, with strong skills in programming and Realization of sportive and spectacular events.
Therefore, every manager needs external professional support to propose new and effective solutions, aiming to become a professional figure of reference excellence within the club, thus differentiating himself from his colleagues.
DCF Sport Legal co-hosts sports executives in this personal growth path, providing the knowledge that enables them to stand out competently in the overall sport world.
At the educational level, the professionals of the facility have been training for a number of years at the Sports Leagues, with the aim of providing the current managers with the tools they need for a better management of their clubs, and at Carlo Cattaneo University Of Castellanza (LIUC) in order to train tomorrow’s managers.
In fact, on the one hand, we are aware of the valorisation of sports executives who already operate in the sports sector, allowing them to increase their knowledge and skills, and on the other hand, it assists young people who want to take on the career of a sports manager by providing them with all the Legal and practical tools to do so.
DCF Sport Legal, through a dense network of contacts and collaborations, enables sports executives to create and implement their knowledge through the DCF Sport Legal Network, which has led us to develop business-to-business business To connect our customers to give them the opportunity to interact and possibly create new business opportunities.
To do this DCF Sport Legal assists the sports executive throughout his professional career: from entering the sports world until his work is completed. Throughout this period, different management objectives and procedures are identified, depending on the needs of the manager.
Our main focus is to facilitate the professional growth of the sports director regardless of the sports discipline he deals with, enhancing his qualities.



DCF Sport Legal has been consulting for several years for Federations and Sports Leagues.


DCF Sport Legal provides counseling for coaches and athletes of any sports discipline.


DCF Sport Legal deals with the support of sports agents and prosecutors.