General activity

All the activity of DCF Sport Legal, all DCF Sport Legal professionals, DCF Sport Legal’s entire experience and expertise are in the sporting right. Sports Law for DCF Sport Legal means providing full support to all players in the sport world. Our clients are athletes, coaches, sports executives, companies, associations, federations, sports promotion agencies, sports leagues, agents and prosecutors. For all of them, DCF Sport Legal lends daily their professional activity through a proven team of professionals.

Maintaining a high standard of professionalism and competence is essential to ensure customers who are turning to DCF Sport Legal, a comprehensive and highly qualified service. Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, martial arts, cycling, soccer, golf, rugby, boxing, roller blading, boating, are just some of the sports activities that DCF Sport Legal has every day.

Our structure, to ensure fast responses to every customer, is organized through departments each specializing in a specific area of sports law. There are professionals who deal with sports law, others who are interested in sporting disciplinary law and others who deal with international sports law. Every customer is provided with a specialized service that allows the assistant to have direct and immediate contact with his / her consultant and the latter to ensure as much immediate and professional as possible. Every request is given a quick response so that the customer can make the most appropriate decision with serenity and awareness.

Our business consists of:
– advice on the conclusion and termination of contracts of all kinds in the sports field (work, marketing, sponsorship, image rights, television rights …);

– judicial assistance to the organs of ordinary justice and national sporting justice (National and Territorial Courts of Justice, National and Territorial Courts of the Federal and Courts of the Federal and Regional Courts of the CONI) and international (FIFA Chamber Dispute Resolution …);

– judicial assistance in anti-doping matters (National Anti-Doping Court I and Section II, Arbitration Court of Lausanne Tasass);

– Arbitration Judicial Assistance (Arbitration Colleges Professional Sports Leagues, Arbitration Court of Lausanne Tasass, Arbitration Court for Football …);

– advising agents and sports attorneys in the field of international transfers of athletes with particular reference to football, basketball and volleyball;

– study and preparation of plans for the restructuring of the corporate debt of companies affiliated to the sports world;

– drafting of legal opinions.

In addition, the transversality of services offered by our professional reality has enabled us to create the “Network DCF Sport Legal” through which we have recently developed a business to business business to connect our customers to give Their ability to interact and possibly create new business opportunities. DCF Sport Legal is therefore a solution to every problem in the sport field, thus guaranteeing complete protection to its customers, with the utmost respect and professionalism.