DCF Sport Legal provides counseling for coaches and athletes of any sports discipline.

DCF Sport Legal, through a consolidated team of professionals, assists athletes of all sports disciplines. All the figures that work in the sports world, and specifically the athletes, are no longer easy to do sports that only have to be athletically prepared, but real companies that have to increase their earnings annually. For this, athletes need to concentrate their attention only on the agonizing factor by requiring legal, economic, financial and tax management to specialized professionals.

For this reason, DCF Sport Legal accompanies athletes in the contract management of professional performance by analyzing the tax implications of the same. To this must be added the protection of the right of image that is regulated not only through the stipulation of advertising and sponsorship contracts but also through the study of the best communication strategies. To this end, the study provides assistance in the following activities:

– stipulation of sponsorship and advertising contracts with companies;
– interviews on printed paper and websites;
– participation in local and national television broadcasts;
– partnership with promo-advertising opportunities companies.

For every sportsman, any sport and category, a customized management plan is set up, aiming at enhancing its image even outside the purely sporting field. Creating contacts, knowledge, opportunities should not look like a way to divert the athlete’s and coach’s attention from their actual sports activities, but should be considered a way to boost the commercial and communicative potential that sports provide.

DCF Sport Legal helps athletes 360 degrees as a professional figure that allows them to concentrate solely on sports activities by entrusting the managerial aspect to an external structure that accompanies them from the contractual stage to possible litigation by DCF Sport Legal .

In addition, DCF Sport Legal cares and assists the sportsman from a legal point of view by offering:
Advice for the conclusion and termination of contracts of all kinds in the sports field (work, marketing, sponsorship, image rights, television rights …);
– judicial assistance to the organs of ordinary justice and national sporting justice (National and Territorial Courts of Justice, National and Territorial Courts of the Federal and Courts of the Federal and National Courts of Appeal, CONI College of Sport Guarantee) and international (FIFA Chamber Dispute Resolution …);
– judicial assistance in anti-doping matters (National Antidoping Tribunal I and II Section, Arbitration Court of Lausanne Tasass);
– Arbitration Judicial Assistance (Arbitration Colleges Professional Sports Leagues, Arbitration Court of Lausanne Tasass, Arbitral Tribunal for Football …).

Each athlete will therefore be able to rely on a structure of highly specialized sports law professionals who will be able to provide a response and a solution to each question as quickly and efficiently as possible. The athlete also enjoys the utmost confidentiality and discretion, reserving a personalized treatment.

DCF Sport Legal represents the professional who alongside the athlete in his professional growth, enabling him to concentrate solely on the development of his sports skills.



DCF Sport Legal has been consulting for several years for Federations and Sports Leagues.


DCF Sport Legal also cares for the training and support of sports executives, providing professional courses for any high-level discipline.


DCF Sport Legal deals with the support of sports agents and prosecutors.