DCF Sport Legal has been consulting for several years for Federations and Sports Leagues.

Modifying a statute or issuing a resolution is, in fact, activities that require considerable attention and caution. To anticipate the consequences and then to act to avoid the pathological effects of the same, it becomes a matter of paramount importance. Our structure supports Federations and Sports Leagues whenever they have to intervene at the legal level in modifying and / or integrating their internal rules.

To do this our facility has databases, legal cases, and professional experience indispensable to anticipate the possible practical consequences of every single measure.

DCF Sport Legal also supports and builds constant contact points between the Federation, the Leagues and the Sports Clubs, enabling them to effectively dialogue on problem-solving and, above all, possible solutions. DCF Sport Legal is therefore an indispensable partner to find that legal sporting balance that animates every Federation and each League, both with regard to its internal structure and its affiliates. Creating legal advice networks that embrace many subjects of sports law is, in fact, essential for achieving efficient results.

To enable all this, DCF Sport Legal implements and manages working groups formed by highly specialized professionals who undertake in the first place a thorough study and analysis of the legal, economic and financial situation of the sports institution. Once clarified and crystallized, the situation is shifted to a concrete evaluation of the concrete aspects, identifying the ones in which it is possible to intervene to achieve greater efficiency of the whole system. The third step is certainly the most important and concerns the study and the preparation of the solutions and concrete actions to be carried out within the sports establishment. Such interventions may relate to regulatory rules, sporting rules, or the management and internal procedures of the Federation or the Sports League. As natural, every situation has different problems and peculiarities that need to be individually analyzed. What matters, however, is always the end result. And in fact, the last point that DCF Sport Legal deals with is the final analysis of the results obtained through its own legal action. These results are monitored on a regular basis to decide whether to re-engage with other and different procedures.

DCF Sport Legal is therefore a professional structure that allows the Federation and the Sports Leagues to improve their internal system through the adoption of legal measures (statutory amendments, resolutions, etc …) that allow to minimize, if not eliminate , The risks of poor management.



DCF Sport Legal si occupa anche dell’assistenza e formazione dei dirigenti sportivi, predisponendo percorsi professionali per qualsiasi disciplina di alto livello.


DCF Sport Legal garantisce un’attività di consulenza per allenatori e atleti di qualsiasi disciplina sportiva.


DCF Sport Legal si occupa dell’assistenza degli agenti sportivi e dei procuratori.