DCF Sport Legal represents the professional who accompanies the company by providing constant legal, economic and managerial support through a governance program aimed at efficient business management.

DCF Sport Legal is a team of professionals specializing in the corporate organization of sports clubs whose operations are guaranteed through the study and application of organizational and management models that guarantee its efficiency.
Our structure does not replace any figure that operates within the sports company, but acts as a legal-economic-financial support for the whole corporate organigram, from the President to the player, passing through the Secretary General and the Sports Director.

The prerequisites for good governance, in fact, translate into the company’s ability to be accountable to the environment in which it operates and to be transparent in taking account of actions and behaviors, by respecting rules and rules, Ability to manage the business, control structure and, above all, the integrity and independence of those who manage the governance.

DCF Sport Legal, therefore, studies, prepares and implements corporate organization models, assuming that procedures can not be standardized and applied in series, taking into account that each club has different needs due to the sport it dealt with, the corporate situation, all Business imprinting that is given. The governance model should therefore be a tailor-made suit, sewn by an expert tailor, on the customer’s concrete need.
In this sense DCF Sport Legal aims to study for each reality the most appropriate governance model to streamline and make club management efficient and functional to the needs of every reality.

In addition, DCF Sport Legal provides comprehensive assistance in advisoring cases with particular regard to the sale of company shares, practices that have become more and more frequent in recent years. During each corporate restructuring process, the studio’s professionals adjoin the sports company to ensure the passage of stock packages in total security. In this sense, the primary diligence activity that the study performs for its customers, whether they are transferring or transferring shares or company shares, is of primary importance.

Our team also works with a team of highly specialized professionals to support the sports company with comprehensive assistance and advice. And in fact, our business in favor of companies concerns:
– advice on the conclusion and termination of contracts of all kinds in the sports field (work, marketing, sponsorship, image rights, television rights …);

– judicial assistance to the organs of ordinary justice and national sporting justice (National and Territorial Courts of Justice, National and Territorial Courts of the Federal and Courts of the Federal and National Courts of Appeal, CONI College of Sport Guarantee) and international (FIFA Chamber Dispute Resolution …);

– Arbitration Judicial Assistance (Arbitration Colleges Professional Sports Leagues, Arbitration Court of Lausanne Tasass, Arbitral Tribunal for Football …).
DCF Sport Legal is therefore the support and the concrete solution to all the issues that daily affect a sports company.


DCF Sport Legal has been consulting for several years for Federations and Sports Leagues.


DCF Sport Legal also cares for the training and support of sports executives, providing professional courses for any high-level discipline.


DCF Sport Legal provides counseling for coaches and athletes of any sports discipline.

Assistance agents and prosecutors

DCF Sport Legal deals with the support of sports agents and prosecutors.