Cesare Di Cintio

The Lawyer. Cesare Di Cintio was born in Bergamo on July 1, 1972 and is a member of Bergamo’s Bar Association since 2002; Since 2014 he is patronizing in the Supreme Court. Over the years, its activity has focused mainly on sports law. He graduated from the CONI School of Sport where he was able to undertake a legal and sports economics program. To date, he attends sports clubs, federations and leagues, sports executives, coaches, athletes, as well as sports agents at the legal level for both the ordinary and sports courts. Since 2012 he has also been a lecturer in the Economics and Business Management Course at the University of Castellanza.

Federica Ferrari

The Lawyer. Federica Ferrari, was born in 1972 on December 27; after graduating from Law School of Law at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, enrolled in Brescia’s Lawyers in 2002 and then moved to Bergamo in 2003. Since the year 2014 is a Cassation Lawyer. Since the early years of the practice, Avv. Ferrari has cooperated in specialized law firms exclusively in civil law by acquiring “all-round” knowledge in the various branches of law, liability, bonds and contracts, and credit recovery procedures. For years she has been involved in sporting matters in civil law implications (contract law, civil litigation) and procedural law (litigation before the organs of sports justice).

Francesca Auci

Graduated from the State University of Milan, then attended the Notary School of Lombardy. In the sports field she developed her skills by attending a Master of Specialization entitled: “Expert in model d.lgs 231/01” and a Master in “International Contracts”.

Anna Maria Toldonato

Graduated in Law at the University of Milan with a thesis on labor law “Disciplinary power in private employment and public employment”, is enrolled in the Bergamo Order of Lawyers. She deals with sports law, civil law and labor law.


Serena Angileri

Graduated in law at the University of Piedmont East of Alessandria with a thesis entitled “The international transfer of minors in the field of sporting activities”, she undertook a course of specialization in sports law attending the course of Law and Economics of Sport At the University of Florence.